IQ-TREE version 1.5.3

Jan 16, 2017

Version 1.5.3 improves software stability. We thank a lot to all users mentioned below for the reports.

Bug fixes:

  • Crash for +R+ASC model (reported by olaf.thalmann).
  • Improper multiple restart for I+G model optimization (reported by 98w8h1).
  • For large data sets with many sequences:
    • Incorrect handling of numerical underflow when all state likelihoods are zero (reported by Gerhard Jaeger).
    • Numerical underflow for invariant sites (reported by ledum_laconicum, kelly.schiro).

Other changes:

  • Invariable (+I) site model now considers ambiguous constant sites.
  • -wba (write bootstrap alignments) works now with standard bootstrap (-b).
Download version 1.5.3 from GitHub

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