IQ-TREE version 1.5.2

Dec 3, 2016

This version improves software stability. We thank a lot to all users mentioned below for the reports.

Bug fixes:

  • Incorrect likelihood computation under safe mode for rate homogeneity models (thanks to Ricardo Alves).
  • Bug when finally merging partitions (-m TESTMERGE) (reported by Olivier Navaud).
  • Crash when computing distance with consensus tree in presence of identical sequences (-bb option) (reported by Julien).
  • Crash for I+G model when p-invar close to 0 (reported by liqiangj, Frank Wright).
  • Bug likelihood scaling for ASC model (reported by lgrismer).

Other changes:

  • Fix misleading message about multifurcating trees (reported by Noah Simons).
  • Incompatibility problem with older Mac by switching back to libstdc++ instead of libc++ (reported by Matthew Fullmer).
  • Fix compilation issue for BSD and newer GCC 5.4 (thanks to @njoly).
  • Improved -nt AUTO option, e.g. to work with model selection (reported by Remi Denise).
Download version 1.5.2 from GitHub

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