IQ-TREE version 1.4.3

Jul 15, 2016

This version fixes various problems improving software stability.

New features:

  • Better parameter estimates for I+G model.
  • More flexible mixture models for model testing with -madd option (requested by David Kerk).
  • The protein mixture model CF4 of Wang et al. (2008) now includes Gamma rate heterogeneity by default.
  • Support invariable sites plus FreeRate [+I+R] model (requested by Lars Jermiin).
  • New option --sequential to read sequential phylip alignment file format.

Bug fixes:

  • Failture too estimate too extreme GTR rate parameters (reported by Stephen Crotty).
  • Bug with likelihood scaling for constant sites under invariable site [+I] model (reported Remi Denise).
  • Crash with optimizing codon model parameters (reported by Xiaofan Zhou).
  • Redundant codon models for model selection (reported by Xiaofan Zhou).
  • Segfault caused by unaligned memory for partition model with binary data (reported by Marek L. Borowiec).
  • Crash with -wbtl option (reported by Teo).
  • Crash with -mtree for partition finding (reported by a web user).
  • A rare bug in NNI hill-climbing search.
  • A bug in printing .rate file via -wsr option (reported by Tim McInerney).
  • Several other minor issues.
Download version 1.4.3 from GitHub

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