IQ-TREE version 1.3.7

Aug 23, 2015

Version 1.3.7 is released with following changes:

  • Fix a bug introduced in 1.3.6 for new model selection procedure (-m TESTNEW).
  • Include L-BFGS-B algorithm (code taken from HAL_HAS package (Jayaswal et al., 2014) as the default to estimate model parameters. L-BFGS-B performs better than the previous BFGS implementation, for example, when optimizing LG4X and FreeRate models.
  • New option -suptag (used with -sup) when assigning support values from a set of input trees into a given tree, each tagged branch in the given tree will be assigned values of form support@tree1@tree2@...@treeK, corresponding to the IDs of the input tree where this branch occurs (requested by Max Maronna).
  • New option -t RANDOM to start tree search from a random starting tree (requested by Karen Meusemann).
Download version 1.3.7 from GitHub

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