IQ-TREE version 1.2.0

Feb 10, 2015

We are pleased to announce the major update 1.2.0 with following new features:

  • Supporting mixture models (C10,...,C60, EX2, EX3, EHO, UL2, UL3, EX_EHO, LG4M, LG4X, JTTCF4G).
  • User-defined mixture models via syntax (for example, "MIX{HKY,TN}+G") or via a nexus file. Have a look at file models.nex in the bin folder of the release version.
  • Joint and proportional partition models are now fully functional.
  • Automatical switching between SSE and AVX kernels depending on the current hardware. Thus, no separate executables are needed.
  • New option -fconst f1,...,fN to add a number of const patterns into alignment (N=#states)
  • Serveral bug fixes.
Download version 1.2.0 from GitHub

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