Jana's paper accepted at Nucleic Acids Research

Apr 2, 2016 | By: Admin

J. Trifinopoulos, L.-T. Nguyen, A. von Haeseler, and B.Q. Minh (2016) W-IQ-TREE: a fast online phylogenetic tool for maximum likelihood analysis. Nucleic Acids Res., 44, W232-W235.

The associated IQ-TREE web server is available at:

Abstract: This article presents W-IQ-TREE, an intuitive and user-friendly web interface and server for IQ-TREE, an efficient phylogenetic software for maximum likelihood analysis. W-IQ-TREE supports multiple sequence types (DNA, protein, codon, binary and morphology) in common alignment formats and a wide range of evolutionary models including mixture and partition models. W-IQ-TREE performs fast model selection, partition scheme finding, efficient tree reconstruction, ultrafast bootstrapping, branch tests, and tree topology tests. All computations are conducted on a dedicated computer cluster and the users receive the results via URL or email. W-IQ-TREE is available at It is free and open to all users and there is no login requirement.

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