IQ-TREE beta version 1.6.beta3

Jun 2, 2017

We are pleased to release the beta version 1.6.beta (available at with many new cool features. During this beta-testing phase, feedback is much appreciated.

Notable new features:

  • Polymorphism-aware models accounting for incomplete lineage sorting (code contributed by Dominik Schrempf).
  • Lie Markov and non-reversible models (code contributed by Michael Woodhams).
  • Heterotachy models accounting for rate variation across sites and lineages.
  • Xeon Phi Knights Landing (AVX-512) support with 2X or more speedup.
  • New option -fast to match the speed of FastTree program while still obtaining better trees [Experimental].

New features:

  • -wql option now prints quartet area and corner in .quartetlh file (requested by Karen Meusemann).
  • Support GENE resampling (-bspec GENE) and GENESITE resampling (-bspec GENESITE) for standard bootstrap with partition models.
  • Sequential and multicore versions are merged, thus iqtree-omp executable becomes iqtree.
Download version 1.6.beta3 from GitHub

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