IQ-TREE version 1.6.9

Dec 20, 2018


  • IMPORTANT: Incorrect AU test p-values with partition models, introduced in v1.6.8 (reported by Ales Bucek).
  • Crash in ModelFinder when having codon partitions with different genetic codes (reported by Morgan Jackson).
  • Crash with multiple runs option (--runs) and -bnni (reported by Vanessa Vera Fain).

Other changes:

  • Better error checking for nexus partition file to prevent mis-specifying comma and semi-colon (reported by Denis Jacob Machado).
  • Safe writing checkpoint file via a temporary file (reported by Giuseppe Aprea and thanks Heiko).
  • -rcluster-max activates relaxed clustering algorithm without having to specify -rcluster.
  • --no-outfiles suppress .treefile as expected (reported by Cecile Ane).
Download version 1.6.9 from GitHub

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