IQ-TREE version 1.6.3

Mar 22, 2018

This version improves software stability and highly recommended to update for all users.


  • Abort in ModelFinder when a user tree is supplied via -t option.
  • Erroneous message “leaves and taxa_set do not match” by rooted user tree (-t) and partition model (reported by Dieter Waechter).
  • Abort in ModelFinder by -sp option (edge-unlinked) and -mtree.
  • Error-checking partition with identical names.
  • Crash with rooted user trees via -z option.
  • Change ERROR about Too many iterations in tqli to WARNING.
  • Abort with combination of -nt AUTO and -mtree (reported by Mark Miller).
  • Crash with -bnni and -spp by temporarily turning on NNI5 instead of NNI1 (originally reported by Xiaofan).
  • Quitting by mixed data types (reported by Stephen Baca).
  • Crash with numerical underflow for lh-branch (reported by Karen Siu Ting).

New features:

  • -ntmax option to specify maximum number of threads by -nt AUTO option (requested by @sjspielman).
  • SH-aLRT test is now parallelised over multiple cores (requested by Heiner Kuhl).
  • Support GTR model for multistate data (requested by Sergio Andres Munoz Gomez).
  • Support jackknife with new option -j (requested by Emmanuel Toussaint).
  • New option -version to display version number (requested by David Maddison).
Download version 1.6.3 from GitHub

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