IQ-TREE version 1.5.6

Dec 4, 2017

This version improves software stability and contains bugfixes:

  • Improved numerical stability when some state is absent from the alignment, especially with codon or morphological data.
  • Allow reading morphological and codon model from file in PAML format.
  • -mset option works with binary and morphological models.


  • Bug for multifurcating tree with multithreading (reported by Filipe Romero).
  • Crash when number of partitions > 2^15 (reported by Adela RoaVaron).
  • In Windows: Exit gracefully instead of abort when input file does not exist.
  • Exit gracefully instead of segfault when log file cannot be written.
  • Crash when constraint tree contains identical sequence which was removed (reported by Russell Minton).
  • Exit gracefully instead of abort about too many threads for too short alignment.
  • Exit gracefully instead of abort when outgroup taxon (-o option) does not appear in alignment.
Download version 1.5.6 from GitHub

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